Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blogger (Beta) and FeedBurner

So since I have a blog now, I thought that it would be a good idea to register the blog feed with FeedBurner. It's a pretty simple process - and the good folks over at FeedBurner even have some Blogger-specific instructions. Unfortunately, the instructions aren't as simple as they can be when it comes to the part entitled "Promoting your FeedBurner feed on your Blogger site" - which I only figured out after wrangling with Blogger's HTML template for a while.

You see, the instructions from FeedBurner tell you to "edit your blog's HTML template directly" in order to provide an easy way for people to subscribe to your feed. Unfortunately, this is a bit misleading. Maybe that is the way that you had to do it with previous versions of Blogger, but now you can just use the Page Elements feature instead:
  1. go to your blog's Template tab
  2. select the "Page Elements" section
  3. select the "Add a page element" link (I created one in the blog sidebar),
  4. give the section a Title, then paste the FeedBurner HTML snippet directly into the Content section.
  5. Done!
That's progress.


The Vacation Round-Table said...

Thanks for your advice...I've been working to get my feed to be "subscription-friendly" and it's been pretty tough.

Any more advice you have about how to get subscribers etc, let me know...and check out my blog. I think it's going to be a lot of fun =)

Ron said...

Thanks for posting that - got me started, though I don't really know what I'm doing, yet (lol).

Anonymous said...

hey, your blog is cool and i hope i can learn to do up a blog like urs too (with links and Rss feed, etc) is it difficult?

Jeff said...

Thanks for the feedback in the comments. I must apologize for not responding sooner - I guess I need a better notification system for when someone actually leaves a comment!
Anyway - you guys have inspired me to keep updating the blog a little more regularly... Thanks!