Sunday, November 26, 2006

Active Vancouver Weather

The Vancouver area has been getting some wild weather recently. There were some heavy rains a week or so ago that resulted in a boil water advisory that has lasted over a week for some people. Now on the heels of that excitement comes a major snow storm!

I went for a walk in the evening and snapped a couple of pictures. I wanted to capture the natural look so I turned off the flash and slowed down the shutter speed on my little point-and-click camera. The results were very bad... this picture is the only one that is even moderately acceptable:

From Snow - Novemb...

Us Vancouverites are typically pretty inept at dealing with snow - especially when it comes to driving which should make for an interesting drive into the office tomorrow.

Update: The boil water advisory has finally been lifted. And I didn't have to battle the morning commute in the snow because I am working from home today.

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