Monday, December 4, 2006

No Zune in Canada?

I was thinking about getting my wife a new MP3 player for Christmas (she doesn't read my blog so the secret is safe). I had been reading lots of interesting stuff about the new Zune from Microsoft as a reasonable alternative to an iPod. So I went to the usual Canadian online sources Future Shop and Best Buy. The result: nothing. I thought that was kind of weird, so I did a quick search on Google and found out that the Zune isn't available in Canada. Apparently it has something to do with the availability of the companion online music store for Canadian customers.

Oh well, I guess that my Christmas shopping got a little bit easier.


Anonymous said...

Employed at Best Buy in Canada. It's been over one year, and STILL no Zune in Canada. Chalk up another point for low level of customer service from Redmond.

Anonymous said...

canada fuckin blows....our prices are wayyyy higher and our dollar is makes no sense

Jeff said...

haha - checking out that link in my original post now brings up a page with the following message: "We regret to say that has been taken offline due to a lack of time to maintain the website."
Nice. I guess that I made the right decision in getting an iPod instead!